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Even in Long Beach, California, where TRAVELER’S COMPAN USA is based, the weather is getting a bit chillier. The last two months of the year sneaked upon us with surprise, reminding us to take a breath and slow down as we enter the nostalgic holiday season. You may be traveling to a different city to visit family or friends – don’t forget to bring your TRAVELER’S notebook on the journey. Usually, it is when we are taking a special trip that we see things afresh with new perspectives. We hope that this winter is filled with joyous memories and special occasions for you, alongside your TRAVELER’S notebook.

This season, let us introduce new TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday Limited items and other recommended tools. It can be a gift for new friends, or a fun gift for yourself after making it through another year with many accomplishments. We hope you enjoy these great tools for travelers.


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Holiday Limited Items

Every year as the holiday season approaches, a polar bear makes a stealthy visit to TRAVELER’S FACTORY. He may be hard to recognize because of his unassuming nature, but his color also had a makeover in leather and brass. It’s that time of the year when the bears make their special appearance to bring extra cheer to your TRAVELER’S notebook.


TF Original Holiday Bear Tag

Mounted on a green canvas, two bears, large and small, walk side by side. The bear and its cub came all the way from Chiangmai, Thailand. It is made from the same camel leather used in our TRAVELER’S notebook. These leather tags could be added to gift wrapping, tied around a present, or hung from a tree as a festive ornament. It is sure to bring a smile to your face when you look at it during this season.

You can also use the leather tags as accessories to customize your TRAVELER’S notebook, Regular Size, and Passport Size. Attach it to the elastic band or the bookmark of your notebook. You can also tie it to your key ring, so it travels with you on outings. Each bear may be a little different from the other since it is made of leather with unique characteristics. The more you use them, the more the color ages tastefully.

TF Holiday Bear Leather Tag – $12


TF Original Brass Charm Little Bear

Mounted on a background with snow falling down the blue sky is a new addition to this year’s holiday special item – TF Original Brass Charm Little Bear. This young cub is adventuring out on its own, gazing at you with a mischievous look. We hope you will give it a warm welcome by tying it with a ribbon for gift wrapping or attaching it as a charm to your TRAVELER’S notebook.

The charm is made of solid brass and engraved on the back with the TRAVELER’S FACTORY logo. Although the young cub continues to stay young, the brass color will age tastefully as you use it more.

TF Brass Charm Little Bear – $18

TF Original Holiday Bear Leather Tag and Brass Charm Little Bear are limited in quantity and will only be restocked once on December 1st, 2022.


Happy Holidays Sticker

This special polar bear is here to help with your gift-wrapping efforts. Surrounded by a lush wreath and wearing a red Santa Claus hat, it is ready to start the season with some festivity! You can use the sticker to secure a ribbon when gift wrapping, or simply decorate the covers of your TRAVELER’S notebook refills.

For any order that is $50 or above placed between November 1st and January 4th, we will include a complimentary Holiday Sticker, while supplies last.


Enjoy 10 Minutes AROMA with hibi

This holiday season, we want to recommend a comforting tool and a great companion for when you sit down and enjoy a moment with your notebook. Hibi is a collaboration of incense from Awaji Island and matches from Harima, it’s an incense that can be used easily without an igniter.

The palm-sized packages resemble a matchbox. It can be easily slipped into a bag or pouch to use at the office or in a hotel on a trip. Not just for travel, you can also use it as a refreshing ritual in the morning in the kitchen, while the family enjoys some downtime in the living room, or a relaxing moment as a bedtime routine.

Simply light up the match, wait for the flame to reach the incense stick, blow it out and place it on the burning mat included. For approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes, a soothing aroma will spread and linger. Be careful when striking the match as incense matches are much more delicate. Hold it near the center when lighting the stick.

We recommend seven standard fragrances such as Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemongrass, and more. We also recommend three “Japanese scents” based on traditional Japanese incense such as hinoki (Japanese cypress), sandalwood, and yuzu. Different scents can be used for different occasions – compare scents to find the one you like the best.

When you wind down in the evening with your TRAVELER’S notebook for some journaling, why not enjoy 10 minutes of aroma with hibi?

Hibi – 10 minutes aroma Collection

Blackwing – tools for writers

Blackwing pencils are much acclaimed by screenwriters, artists, and musicians throughout the years. Last year, we recommended the Blackwing Matte Pencils (set of 12) for artists who would like to draw in their TRAVELER’S notebook. This time, we recommend Blackwing Pearl Pencils with a balanced core. It uses California Cedar and Japanese graphite to create a balanced core, slightly firmer than the Blackwing Matte Pencils. You can use it alongside Blackwing’s Two-Point Pencil Sharpener in white color.

As the season of gifting approaches, we also recommend Blackwing’s beautiful Rustic Box Set. The Blackwing Rustic Box Set features 3 of each type of Blackwing’s iconic pencils: Blackwing 602 (firm but smooth), Blackwing Matte (soft), Blackwing Pearl (balanced), and Blackwing Natural (extra firm). Try out this variety of pencils and see which one is your favorite type of writing experience!

Blackwing – tools for writers

This holiday season, enjoy our recommended selection of analog tools that can accompany you on your TRAVELER’S notebook journey. Whether it is going with you on a short trip or resting by your side on a cozy winter afternoon, we hope it brings you much comfort and joy.

Have a nice trip!

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