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Leading up to the start of the new year and early spring festivities, most of us are quite busy with chores and gatherings with family and friends. As spring approaches and we arrive at March, the end of the first quarter, it’s finally time to let out a breath and relax in the comfort of home. We hope that it is also a good time to sit down with your TRAVELER’S notebook and reflect on your idyllic day-to-day and enjoy the peace and calm of your own company.

What is something special that you do occasionally to lighten up your daily routines? Perhaps it is watering your plants by the kitchen window each morning as you make a cup of coffee. Or is it switching up the charms that decorate your TRAVELER’S notebook for a refreshing outlook? Even when we may not be traveling outside our home, it is still possible to enjoy the company of our notebooks and writing tools to document and imagine fun things on the horizon. What kind of writing do you like to do in your TRAVELER’S notebook when you are at home?

This month, we would like to recommend some tools to go along with your TRAVELER’S notebook and your analog routine. Last year we introduced Yosegi charms, utilizing a special technique of wood marquetry that showcases Japanese craftsmen’s detail work, that you can carry with you on your notebook. For a limited time, we brought another unique Yosegi Charm from the Japanese brand るちゑ Luthier that will complement your leather TRAVELER’S notebook nicely. Closer to home, we collaborated with Japanese pottery brand W/R/F in Los Angeles, featuring the works of Nobuhito Nishigawara. These limited hand-thrown ceramic mugs will be a warm addition to your home.


Luthier Yosegi Charm – House

Yosegi is traditional Japanese marquetry developed in the Edo period Japan in the town of Hakone. Introducing Luthier charms, a TRAVELER’S FACTORY selected item.  It is a unique Yosegi charm created by Mr. Yuta Shimizu, the craftsman behind るちゑ ‘Luthier’, that showcases the intricate combination of solid wood in their signature style. In the shape of a house, this Yosegi charm evokes the sense of calm and warmth of home as it sits against the aging texture of TRAVELER’S notebook leather. Available in light brown and dark brown.

Each piece is created uniquely because of the natural color of the materials used. Enjoy the charm of the color of the wood aging alongside natural leather. You can thread the TRAVELER’S notebook elastic cord through the hole on the side of the charm and use it to accessorize your notebook. You can even thread an elastic band through it and wear it as an accessory in your hair.

TRAVELER’S notebook is your home that houses your thoughts and feelings. The appearance of the charm on TRAVELER’S notebook is filled with anticipation as if waiting for you to open the door and say, “I’m home!”

Behind the scenes of how luthier Yosegi charms are made, you can see the intricate work of combining various types of wood into a square bar shape. A combination of walnut, birch and other wood materials is used to form a seamless checkered pattern. Each bar matches perfectly to result in the evenly lined marquetry. Then it is shaved down and sliced to the desired shape.

Finally, drilling the holes for the elastic from the sides is a very delicate process. If the hole is not drilled straight from the center, the wood may crack. There is a lot of wisdom and skill of the craftsmen involved in making these marquetry charms.


Luthier Yosegi Bookmark

Along with the Yosegi Charm, we also introduce Luthier Yosegi bookmark made with the same marquetry technique. This thin piece of the bookmark is made by laminating two sheets of parquet sliced to a thickness of about 0.2mm with a thin sheet of paper between them. When you hold it up to the light, the expression of the bookmark will show differently because of the way the wood grains are arranged in different directions. Each bookmark has a unique expression and ages with use.

Enjoy the traditional craftsmanship that allows one to enjoy the delicate beauty of woodwork at any moment when you are reading a book. This is a bookmark that will make your daily life a little more enjoyable when you put it in your notebook or use it as a reading companion.

*Luthier Yosegi Charms and Bookmarks are only available from March 1stst until April 30th, while supplies last, limited to one per order.


W/R/F Lab collaboration with TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA

W/R/F Lab is a pottery studio run by Japanese artist Nobuhito Nishigawara in Los Angeles. The namesake extends from Nishigawara’s Japanese heritage. Born in Nagoya, Japan, his family name of Nishigawara translates to West River Field. Nobu’s handmade pottery line fuses the artistry of traditional Japanese ceramic ware with a simple and clean aesthetic. Inspired by his passion and his dedication to creating ceramic household goods that not only look good but is also practical and withstand wear, we collaborated with W/R/F Lab to create two unique hand-thrown mugs for TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA.

Each mug is hand-thrown and hand-dipped, the process taking over 10 days to create. The cone-shaped mug widens out at the bottom, providing a stable platform to rest on any surface without worrying about the spill. These limited edition mugs hold 16 oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Nobu’s vision for these hand-thrown mugs is inspired by the colors of the Pacific Ocean of the West Coast to create two unique hues: Calming Waves and Coastal Milky Way.

The light blue hue of Calming Waves represents the waves lapping onto the sandy beach on a calm morning walk along the coast. The light and gentle demeanor of the mug gives you the calm and peace you need when you start the day with a fresh cup of tea or coffee.

Coastal Milky Way is an exciting representation of the stars that reflects on the dark surface of the ocean on more remote parts of the coast. The glittering specks of white are cobalt particles mixed into the glaze; a unique mix created for this collaboration. The energizing deep color will accompany your creative journey late into the night with TRAVELER’S notebook.

Just as reliable writing tools and analog accessories accompany your creative journey in your TRAVELER’S notebook, we think a sturdy mug will add to the overall experience. Pair them with the limited-time TRAVELER’S FACTORY Leather Coasters in brown, camel, and black, while supplies last.

Nobu’s wish for his ceramic wares is to elevate ten minutes of the customer’s day they drink from the mug. Just as TRAVELER’S notebook ages with use, we believe these mugs will be a reliable company for a long time too.


Enjoy TRAVELER’S notebook at home

TRAVELER’S notebook can be used at any time, anywhere. It is a great companion when you are traveling and helps you collect memorabilia on the go. However, it is also a calming presence that helps you wind down at the comforts of home. We love seeing how different users utilize TRAVELER’S notebooks to document things they do around the house!


Plant journaling throughout the year

User Phyllis from @misslingbloom enjoys using her TRAVELER’S notebook Monthly Passport Size to document her plants and gardening activities. The Monthly Diary Refill is useful to keep track of days when you watered your plant or look after sprouting seeds. She also notes down interesting wildlife that she observes when’s she out in the yard. How do you keep a plant journal?


Writing about local stores and coffee shops

You don’t have to travel too far to discover interesting things. User Chelsea from @thosewithwords keeps a log of her favorite café, restaurants, and stores in her neighborhood. She saves shop stickers and uses them to embellish her pages. She also writes down the name of her favorite drinks from these cafes!


Documenting different brands of tea

TRAVELER’S notebook is a great place to document and log things you are interested in. For example, you can keep a record of different kinds of tea that you tasted. Just like wine-tasting, you can save the packaging of the tea bags as well as write down tasting notes. This is a good way to remember which brands she should purchase in the future.


We hope you enjoy this selection of new items and recommended tools for enjoying time at home with your TRAVELER’S notebook. You’ll find that there are many ways to make your daily routines more exciting with simple small additions like this.


Have a nice trip!

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