Our refills are made from our original MD PAPER™, which is carefully produced for comfortable writing. This paper is designed for both ease and enjoyment of writing, whether you use a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, pencil, or any other kind of writing instrument. We check how well the ink is received by the paper, how it dries, and whether it bleeds through while also checking the coarseness and feel, and how it affects the writing flow. 

Paper Making Process

1) Pulp is dissolved in water and stirred, then the resultant liquid is sprayed out like a shower into sheets along a line. 
2) Moisture dries out of the paper as it moves along the line. Next, it is flattened and rolled up with calendars before packaged up and shipped out.


We hope your writing experience will be something more fun with our original MD PAPER.


Have a nice trip!

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