Documenting the Holidays with TRAVEL & SKETCH

Unleash your creativity with TRAVELER’S notebook by documenting your observations through drawing and painting. In the following wintery months, you may find yourself visiting somewhere new or frequenting your favorite neighborhood spot – why not make the memory more special by capturing the scenes in your notebook? You can sketch on location or record the memories while relaxing at a coffee shop during a break in your trip.

This holiday season, give the gift of art and creativity with the special collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA and Art Toolkit. We are pleased to also bring back the previous special edition Limited Green for the holidays. Document your winter memories with friends and family through watercolors, sketches, and doodles in your TRAVELER’S notebook.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Palette and Folio Palette

This summer, we introduced the special TRAVEL & SKETCH collaboration palettes with Art Toolkit, an art supply and creative company based in Port Townsend, Washington. Based on their iconic pocket palette, the original color “Bronze” is inspired by the BRASS PRODUCTS in the TRAVELER’S COMPANY lineup, and we believe it’ll complement your favorite travel journaling tools. Each palette is also engraved with the special TRAVEL & SKETCH logo, encouraging you to document your trips anytime, anywhere.

The compact palettes contain modular pans that can be re-organized and customized to your heart’s content. Fill each pan with your favorite watercolor tube of choice and they are ready to go. Once the paints are dried in the pan, they can be re-activated with a wet brush whenever you want to start painting. Each palette also includes a cotton drawstring pouch to store them securely.

As the year draws to a close, we are delighted that we can bring back all four versions of the collaboration palettes: Pocket Palette, Folio Palette, Pocket Explore Palette Plus, and Folio Explore Palette Plus to the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA online shop, while supplies last.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Palette – $48

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Pocket Explore Palette Plus– $64

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Palette – $55

TRC USA x Art Toolkit TRAVEL & SKETCH Folio Explore Palette Plus – $72


TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Pocket Palette and Folio Palette

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA first introduced this special collaboration with Art Toolkit in the summer of 2022, when we encouraged TRAVELER’S notebook users who enjoy exploring the outdoors to document their experiences through art. The Limited Edition green color was a cheerful hue that reminds you of grassy plains and the fresh scent of nature. In honor of this nostalgia, we are delighted to re-introduce this palette for this holiday season, with a new pan configuration like the recent TRAVEL & SKETCH Bronze palette.

The TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Pocket Palette is a card-sized palette made of rust-proof aluminum; it has a special engraving that encourages you to seize the moment and enjoy a good day with your TRAVELER’S notebook. The Pocket Palette includes 2 mixing spaces and 15 magnetic pans to hold your favorite watercolor. For people who are trying out painting for the first time, we also have the special “Explore Palette” expansion that includes 12 curated colors from Van Gogh® watercolors by Royal Talens, selected by the Art Toolkit team.

A new addition to this series, the Folio size edition of the TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green palette is now available. The Folio Palette is twice the size of the standard Pocket Palette. This palette size is designed for watercolor enthusiasts who want to carry more colors in their palettes while retaining the ease of painting in any environment. The compact size fits easily into the zipper case pocket of a TRAVELER’S notebook Regular Size. The palette includes two mixing surfaces and 21 pans for you to customize your favorite watercolor palette.


TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Pocket Palette – $48

TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Pocket Explore Palette Plus– $64

TRC USA x Art Toolkit Limited Green Folio Palette – $55


Select items from the TRC USA x Art Toolkit Collaboration will be available on November 6th, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT on and US TRC Partner Shops. All Explore Palette Plus palettes and Limited Green Folio palettes will only be available on, while supplies last.



A great holiday activity this season is to explore your creativity and make art in your TRAVELER’S notebook or SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK. The new TRC USA Limited TRAVEL & SKETCH SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is designed to be a sketchbook-like notebook that would be ideal for sketching, drawing, and creating art on the go.

Today with your family members or friends, you can illustrate your favorite seasonal motifs or document the TRAVELER’S FACTORY polar bears that are back in town.

With the portable Art Toolkit palettes, you can take your favorite notebook or sketchbook on the go. The TRC USA Limited TRAVEL & SKETCH A5 Slim SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK contains two pages of PAPER POCKET that allow you to pick up ticket stubs, receipts, or other ephemera during the holidays.

We hope you enjoy creating art and spending time with loved ones this holiday season. Enjoy every day with your TRAVELER’S notebook and have a nice trip!

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