SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is a unique notebook with various types of paper sandwiched between a simple and sturdy cover. From white paper, window envelopes, to paper pockets, you can use them freely based on the characteristics of the type of paper inside. Let us show you how you can enjoy SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK!

Documenting your favorite restaurants and diners could not be any easier with TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS. Collect and store ephemera from your favorite diners while documenting your experience with your favorite writing instruments. SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS come in three different sizes (A5 slim, A6 slim, B6) which fit different ephemera and found items depending on your needs.

Let’s go on a diner dash trip!


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK Card File and Photo File

The first stop on the diner dash brings us to Fable Diner, a farm-to-table diner known for its delicious all-day breakfast! The Card File A5 Slim SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK can be used to collect card-sized ephemera such as point cards or business cards.

Flipping through the pages, you will be able to curate a collection of your favorite café or restaurants.



Sometimes you may collect ephemera that is larger than the conventional card size, and that’s when the B6 Window Envelope SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK shines.

The B6 Window Envelope SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK features 12 B6-size envelope pages that are waiting to be filled with paper and analog from your journey.

Storing receipts, paper menus, and postcards is easy with the B6 Window Envelope SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK because you can visibly see what you are storing in your notebook. This could also be a convenient pocket for you to store and organize paper bits you want to later stick into your TRAVELER’S notebook. The large window is helpful when you want to find what you need at a quick glance.



Like diners, TRC SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS come in different styles and designs. The B6 Paper Pocket SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is another clever storage option for all your diner-related ephemera.

The B6 Paper Pocket SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK contains 36 paper pockets that can be filled up with all your memories. Made with MD paper, you can even write and draw on the paper sleeves as part of your trip journal. The Paper Pocket style SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is also available in A5 Slim and A6 Slim size if you perfer a vertical orientation for storage.

The second stop on our Diner Dash brings us to Lucy’s Diner. Lucy’s Diner features an iconic diner design. Although this notebook has a slim profile, it can fit large amounts of ephemera, receipts, and cards in its 36 paper pockets! What’s a diner trip without a milkshake, let us slow down and enjoy a sip…


With SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS you can document any diner trip with ease! When traveling, collecting bits and pieces from your journey is the perfect way to recall memorable moments of your journey. Whether you’re storing business cards, collecting paper menus, or saving receipts for your journal, there’s always a SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK for your favorite way of documenting your trip.


Have a nice trip!

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