Come along to the US Stamp Caravan – St. Louis Art Supply, FLAX Art & Design, and M. Lovewell

The US Stamp Caravan continues its journey across the United States, making stops at three more stores in this Part 3 journal. When the Stamp Caravan makes it to your city, we hope that you will be inspired to bring your TRAVELER’S notebook and experience the outing with a fresh perspective. That is the spirit of TRAVELER’S notebook. At each stop of the Stamp Caravan, we bring special stamps that can only be found at our TRAVELER’S FACTORY in Japan. These special stamps will leave a mark in your notebook and commemorate the special occasion of meeting other TRAVELER’S notebook fans at your local store.

The US tour of TRAVELER’S COMPANY stamp caravan began on March 28th in Philadelphia and will conclude in Portland, Oregon on September 5th.  Wherever you live, we hope that you can find an opportunity to visit a new city to meet the stamp caravan or bring your local friends to enjoy this event.

The Stamp Caravan has made its way to the West Coast to California through a pit stop in St. Louis. Let’s see what kind of TRAVELER’S notebook encounters these stores had with Stamp Caravan.


St. Louis Art Supply – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Art Supply has been around since 2015, serving the creative community in St. Louis and around the country. They are the 9th store to host the TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan in the US. Against the colorful mural on their wall, fans visited the TRAVELER’S COMPANY display that showcases the stories from the traveling notebook refills that went along with the caravan event.

The special stamps are served on top of a metal platter for fans to use to customize notebooks. The staff suggested stamping the stamps on the sketch paper notebook passport size so you can tear out the stamp imprints to send to friends as a card. Alongside TRAVELER’S notebook accessories and BRASS PRODUCTS, you can also pick up art supplies to add colors to your pages.

FLAX Art & Design – Oakland, California

Traveling from one art supply store to another, the stamp caravan made its way next to FLAX Art & Design based in Oakland, California. This art supply store with over 80 years of history is one of the Bay Area’s main creative inspiration hubs. The exposed ceiling interior as well as the rows of creative art supplies beg for any users to start drawing and documenting in their TRAVELER’S notebooks.

On top of the glass cabinets showing writing instruments, fans used the TRAVELER’S FACTORY stamps to customize their notebooks. A rustic side cart displayed the array of TRAVELER’S COMPANY items that compliments the notebooks. We hope that everyone had a memorable time visiting the store and spending time with the staff who are also passionate about art and creativity.


M. Lovewell – Santa Ana, California

M. Lovewell is a stationery and greeting card store based in Santa Ana, California. The store has always been a hub for creativity, hosting workshops throughout the year to encourage all kinds of artistic exploration. The Stamp Caravan brought the TRAVELER’S notebook community together in the small store, and the excitement and passion for the event were contagious. Alongside seasoned TRAVELER’S notebook users, there were many new fans as well.

The bright interior was an energizing backdrop to the fans’ enthusiasm as they swapped TRAVELER’S notebook stories and talked about their collection. Customers created different kinds of memorabilia using the TRAVELER’S FACTORY stamps to keep in their TRAVELER’S notebooks.

The TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan is moving through its last two stops in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Portland, Oregon. Read about the caravan and see which city they will be traveling to next. Perhaps you can encounter it when you plan your next travel destination!


Have a nice trip!

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