Come along to the US Stamp Caravan – Omoi Zakka Shop, The Paper Mouse, Penny Post, & Yoseka Stationery

TRAVELER’S notebook is all about travelers with a free spirit. When we are visiting places new or old, it is important for us to always view our surroundings with a fresh perspective. Even in towns or streets which we’ve walked countless times, there may be events or occasions that make the moment extraordinary. With your TRAVELER’S notebook in hand, we encourage you to note down and capture those feelings in your everyday.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY started in Japan but has ventured out to different corners of the world, hoping to expand our own perspective and vision. We oiled our wheels and set up the wagons of our Stamp Caravan to different cities, hoping that we can bring a piece of the TRAVELER’S spirit to fans. At our home base at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan, you will find stamps that commemorate your leg of the journey. At your local Stamp Caravan event, we brought the traveling stamps with us to leave a mark in your notebooks.

The US tour of TRAVELER’S COMPANY stamp caravan began on March 28th in Philadelphia and will conclude in Portland, Oregon on September 5th.  Wherever you live, we hope that you can find an opportunity to visit a new city to meet the stamp caravan or bring your local friends to enjoy this event.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan in the US just wrapped up its first leg on the east coast, touring Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York. Let’s look at the stores that hosted the stamp caravan and what the event was like!


Omoi Zakka Shop – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Omoi Zakka Shop is the first store on the East Coast to kick off the TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan in the US. The bright red exterior of the store stood out along with the Old City neighborhood vibe. 16 variations of TRAVELER’S FACTORY original stamps can be found at a dedicated stamping station by the cashier’s counter.

The table is covered with craft paper, ready for more imprints and marks from travelers who make their way to the store. You can also flip through the sample booklets that have already traveled around the world from previous Stamp Caravan events.

Throughout the weekend of the event, the stamping station continues to draw TRAVELER’S notebook fans and new users alike. The experience made quite the impression in people’s notebooks!


The Paper Mouse – West Newton, Massachusetts

The Paper Mouse, a boutique stationery store in West Newton, Massachusetts, hosted the second leg of the TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan in the US. The brick exterior and the whimsical block type of the storefront is an inviting stop for TRAVELER’S notebook fans. Users from Boston and nearby cities were all drawn to the event.

Surrounded by shelves showcasing beautiful stationery and illustrated cards, TRAVELER’S notebook fans can enjoy the stamp caravan along the bright window. Visitors can also browse the array of TRAVELER’S notebook products when experiencing the event. Fans can also enjoy making ink swatches, from ink bottles that the store provided, in their TRAVELER’S notebook.

The team at The Paper Mouse prepared larger-than-life stationery props for attendees to enjoy some memorable photo moments. A special four-legged attendee brought its own TRAVELER’S notebook passport size to collect the special stamps and has been doing so around various pop-ups! Next time you are visiting Boston, don’t miss out on visiting The Paper Mouse!


Penny Post – Alexandria, Virginia

Penny Post is an independent stationery store that specializes in wedding invitations, greeting cards, and custom stationery in Alexandria, Virginia. They were the host for the third stop of the Stamp Caravan. Along the dark canvas of wooden shelves, you can see the array of TRAVELER’S notebook products lined up against the wall.

Along the long counter covered by craft paper, visitors can stamp to their heart’s content with purchased refills or their own TRAVELER’S notebook.

Customers also enjoyed flipping through the sample booklets that bear the marks and stories from their journey before. The special event stickers when you purchase 3 or more refills were all distributed within the first day of the event!


Yoseka Stationery – Brooklyn, New York

Yoseka Stationery is a stationery store that carries a wide selection of writing instruments, paper goods, and analog accessories for journaling enthusiasts. On the last stop on the East Coast, they were a welcoming spot for the TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan.

You can find the stamping station as soon as you enter the arched doorway. The worn wooden counter is a rustic surface for visitors to display their TRAVELER’S notebook and collect this special ephemera. A wooden drawer safely holds all sixteen variations of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY stamps.

The counter station is also a great spot to converse with staff who are also passionate about TRAVELER’S notebooks and happy to share their stories. If you are adventurous, you may even try leaving the stamp imprint on your TRAVELER’S notebook leather cover to customize it.


The TRAVELER’S COMPANY Stamp Caravan continues its journey across the United States throughout the rest of the year until August. Read about the caravan and see which city they will be traveling to next. Perhaps you can encounter it when you plan your next travel destination!


Have a nice trip!

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