At the beginning of this new year, we invite you to take the time to enjoy a special ritual called the COFFEE TABLE TRIP. Start with a freshly brewed coffee and your TRAVELER’S notebook. There’s something magical and comforting about sitting down with a hot cup of coffee, a notebook, and a pen ready to create something wonderful on the blank pages.

As you settle further into your chair, the lasting aroma and the ambiance from your favorite tune calms and soothe you. Whether you are alone or in the company of friends and loved ones, enjoy this precious moment when you choose to find time to be with yourself and your thoughts.

A coffee table trip can be taken from the comfort of your home. Some might also prefer the bustling noise of other patrons at an outdoor café or a public park. At those moments, put down your digital devices and screens for once. Enjoy a sip of your favorite brew and write in your TRAVELER’S notebook. Let it be the third place that puts your mind at ease.

What should you write in your TRAVELER’S notebook? Since it’s the beginning of the year, you may be reflecting on some memories you’ve documented last year. Jot down new goals and the bucket list you want to check off this year. Write a brand-new story, starting with some sketches and short paragraphs to jumpstart a new idea in your head!

For this occasion, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA has selected a handful of coffee-related goods that are perfect for a COFFEE TABLE TRIP with your notebook. As you reflect and get ready for the new year, spend some time traveling with your imagination with delicious coffee, favorite music, and your TRAVELER’S notebook.




First step: prepare the coffee grind with PORLEX GRINDER

To enjoy COFFEE TABLE TRIP, you must first make a fresh cup of coffee. They said the best coffee is made with beans that are freshly ground. Extract approximately 14 grams of your favorite beans for a cup and grind it using a hand-operated coffee mill. After all, the taste will be even more robust after slight manual labor on your part.

We recommend using PORLEX Grinder Tall II and PORLEX Mini Grinder II to grind your coffee beans. Its simple design means it can be used anywhere at any time. Pair it with our special TRAVELER’S FACTORY Leather Mill Belt (made with the same leather as TRAVELER’S notebook) that secures your grip and fastens through the handle.


Second step: set up a dripper and paper filter with ORIGAMI DRIPPER

Prepare a filter paper along with a dripper to set over your favorite mug. Place the paper filter inside the dripper and pour the freshly ground coffee beans in. Smooth the top to a flat surface before you start the pour! Pour the hot water in a slow circle and watch the ground puff up like a hamburger! Pause for the bloom to rise and fall before pouring more hot water.

ORIGAMI drippers are designed with grooves that best extract the flavor of the ground beans. It is also a stylish accessory to add to your coffee-making station. Choose from white, red, and navy ORIGAMI Drippers to accent your day. Pair it with an ORIGAMI wooden holder made of Acacia wood. Add a warm touch to this integral part of making drip coffee.


Third step: Remove the dripper and enjoy in FALCON MUGS

Pick up your favorite mug and take a nice whiff of the coffee’s fresh aroma. By now your favorite music should be playing in the background, and you have cleared out a space at the table for your TRAVELER’S notebook and pen. Take a moment to appreciate this ritual of preparing a revitalizing cup of coffee and enjoy!

The classic design of this camp-style mug by Falcon Enamelware is a great mug to hold your fresh coffee, available in three colors: red, gray, and black. In this cold weather, it’s perfect for sipping coffee outdoors, looking out the kitchen window, or while reading at a cozy spot in the living room. This mug will be a faithful companion on your daily analog journey.



At this point, we hope you’re already stirring to make your favorite drink and settle for a long session with your TRAVELER’S notebook. As you make your way to your neighborhood café or plan for a cozy afternoon at home, here are some great companions for your COFFEE TABLE TRIP.



TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Sakosh bags are simple, over-the-shoulder canvas bags designed to hold your TRAVELER’S notebook and small accessories. The style originated from bags that cyclists use to hold water bottles and food supplements in their long races. TF original Sakosh bags are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we also sourced the leather for our TRAVELER’S notebook.

The size fits TRAVELER’S notebook Regular size perfectly, while the smaller pocket fits TRAVELER’S notebook in passport size!

Each Sakosh is reversible, so you can choose whether to use the pocket as an external or an inside pouch. The strap is long enough to wear across your body, or easily sling it over your shoulder when you’re going out. Whether you are on a short errand, stopping by a café for an afternoon cup, or simply on a walk in the neighborhood, the Sakosh is the perfect bag for such a trip.

TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Sakosh is available in three hues: Natural, Brown, and Navy Blue for a limited time only!


TRAVELER’S FACTORY Original Leather Coasters

A well-designed coaster can protect your table from water and heat stain, especially on wooden tables. It also adds something interesting to your coffee break. Using the same leather as TRAVELER’S notebook (Black, Brown, and Camel), each coaster is engraved with TRAVELER’S COMPANY’s logo. You can enjoy the sophisticated aging of the leather coaster as you use it alongside your TRAVELER’S notebook.



TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Coffee Bags are reminiscent of jute bags that are used to ship coffee beans from farm to store. You can use it to hold coffee beans (approximately 100g), sweets, or accessories that sit in your kitchen or around the house. It would also be a great gift bag for small gifts with a warm touch. Enjoy the original designs for your COFFEE TABLE TRIP.

It is also the perfect size to store your PORLEX Grinders if you plan to make drip coffee on the go! Available in Dark Brown and Light Brown to represent the different types of coffee bean roast!



Customize your TRAVELER’S notebook to a coffee theme (or a mug of your favorite drink) with TF Original Charms. These can be secured to the elastic band that holds the notebook close or fastened to the bookmark as a page saver. The rustic tin characteristic is the perfect pairing to the natural look of leather. Available in Mug, Coffee Bean, TN, and Brass Pen.

COFFEE TABLE TRIP items and TF Original Sakosh, Coffee Bag, and Leather Coasters will only be available until February 28th, 2022.



What music do you like listening to when journaling or writing in your TRAVELER’S notebook? The ambiance and soundtrack as you embark on your COFFEE TABLE TRIP are just as important as the coffee itself. We have created a COFFEE TABLE TRIP Music Playlist for this very special occasion. Dive into the world of TRAVELER’S notebook as the music takes you to Germany, India Tokyo, Illinois, Texas, and Hawaii. We hope that the music we picked out for you can liven up your everyday adventure.

Have a nice trip!



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