Coffee Shop Trip with Your SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS

SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is a unique notebook with various types of paper sandwiched between a simple and sturdy cover. From watercolor paper, window envelopes, to paper pockets, you can use them freely based on the characteristics of the type of paper inside. Let us show you how you can enjoy SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK!

When you head to your local café for a morning pick me up, SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS are the perfect companion to bring on your next coffee craving. SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS come in three different sizes (A5 slim, A6 slim, B6) which fit the unique way you document your café experience. Let’s go on a coffee shop trip!



The Watercolor Paper SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK in B6 size is roomy enough to fit your illustrations while also remaining compact enough to fit in any messenger bag or backpack. Bound with paper suited for watercolor and other mixed media medium, you can express your creativity freely with this compact sketch book.

A quick watercolor drawing is a great way to document your favorite coffee order from a coffee shop. From interesting décor to the latte art in your coffee, you can capture many interesting things when you visit a coffee shop. In many ways, you are commemorating that delicious cup of coffee and that memory through your drawing and creativity.

Documenting your coffee shop trip does not have to be as elaborate as painting a portrait of your coffee order. You can also capture your coffee shop trip in a smaller format.



Using the A6 slim DW Kraft Paper SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK, you can document your coffee shop trip with a unique expression.

Made with our original DW Kraft Paper, these SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK gives off a natural and rough expression. However, it is also smooth and easy to write on with your favorite markers or pen

Using simple black pens on the special DW Kraft Paper of the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK, your drawing and writing look effortlessly striking. You can use the A6 Slim size SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK to draw a little map of the different locations of coffee shops you have visited to keep a record of all the cafes you’ve visited on your trip.



Although coffee shops may seem like a normal part of our daily routine, you can revisit each one with a brand-new perspective when you decide to document the experience in new ways with SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK. Try logging a new coffee bean roast or a new drink you have tried in a Blank MD Paper White A5 slim SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK.

The Blank MD Paper White A5 slim SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK comes with 200 pages of MD paper which handles pencil, fountain pen ink, and even watercolor beautifully.

SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is the perfect companion to document all your coffee shop trips in one place. It is a similar size to the regular-size TRAVELER’s notebook and is the perfect addition to your travel journaling setup.

Although you may visit your local coffee shop daily, documenting your unique experience is still worthwhile. Just like the fresh feeling when you visit a new coffee shop in a new city, why not journal about your favorite local café?


Have a nice trip!


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