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When and where was the first time you encountered TRAVELER’S COMPANY products? TRAVELER’S notebook has been around since 2006, and some of our earliest fans outside of Japan knew about it through TRAVELER’S FACTORY Nakameguro store and TRAVELER’S FACTORY Airport. At TRAVELER’S FACTORY, users can discover TRAVELER’S notebook, collaboration items, curated imports, and other tools that make your everyday journey more interesting.

Whether it is your friend from Japan bringing you a TRAVELER’S notebook as a gift, or you came across the hub located in Narita Airport Terminal 1, these are great places to browse and find unique items outside of TRAVELER’S COMPANY original lineup.

As the years passed, we slowly recruited stores and shop owners around the world who are also fans of TRAVELER’S notebook to carry our line up and extend the spirits of TRAVELER’S COMPANY to more people. As our TRAVELER’S notebook community grows and expands around the world, we are excited to see more varied uses and ways users share their stories!


TF Limited items are permanently available now at TRC USA and Partner Shops

As you well know, TRAVELER’S COMPANY had been innovating and coming up with new ways to enrich the traveler’s experience for users and fans alike. Since the launch of TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA, we have introduced a series of tools, refills, and covers that are available only at TRAVELER’S FACTORY locations. All the special items are designed to perpetuate the spirit of traveling, make your trip experience more enjoyable, as well as embodying motifs that represent the origin of TRAVELER’S notebook: Japan. These items not only make using TRAVELER’S notebook a more exciting experience but also can be utilized as accessories to personalize your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Thanks to your support and feedback, we have selected several TRAVELER’S FACTORY limited items to be permanently available on our website for US and Canada customers starting September 1st, 2021. You can also find them at TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops. We hope that these will be creative additions to your TRAVELER’S notebook and can give you a taste of the TRAVELER’S FACTORY experience, even if you’re not able to visit in person.


Introducing TF Refill Short Trip

One of our most highly requested TRAVELER’S FACTORY limited refills is TRAVELER’S notebook Refill Short Trip. For the very first time, we are releasing this series outside of Japan so that TRAVELER’S notebook users around the world can enjoy the convenience of these Short Trip refills! It comes in Regular Size and Passport Size. This notebook has half the number of pages (36 pages) of a Regular Size or a Passport Size TRAVELER’S notebook refill, which is recommended for those who want to use up a whole refill in one trip.

There are also many other ways you can utilize the notebook, such as using it for miscellaneous writing or note-taking. The pages are just the right amount for keeping a one-day-one-page diary each month. This refill is perfect not only for travel but also for those who want to carry around several notebooks at once—one for each purpose or theme. The refills come with white and cream MD paper which provides an excellent writing experience, as well as our proprietary Kraft Paper with a unique texture that’s easy to write on!



Designed to customize and personalize your TRAVELER’S notebook to your liking, TRAVELER’S COMPANY released a series of charms that you can hang on the rubber band, bookmark string, or on the metal fastener on the spine of your notebook. Made of tin with a weathered look, each is individually handcrafted at a small factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Each detail is designed to match the style and spirit of TRAVELER’S COMPANY. You can also use them as accessories for key chains, necklaces, or any other lifestyle items.



These charming BRASS items are fun accessories to add to your TRAVELER’S notebook set up. The BRASS Tag features Mt. Fuji which triggers the nostalgia from your past trips to Japan or a wanderlust for a trip in the future. The BRASS clips can be used to bookmark important pages in your refills, and the airplane cut-out design is a fun play on the theme of travel and whatever journey you are about to embark on.



TRAVELER’S FACTORY original Paper Cloth Zipper Case is a collaboration with Japanese tote bag brand “Four ru of” that utilizes “paper cloth”, which is a cotton fabric with a paper-like texture. Thin, light, and durable, the more you use it, the softer the fabric becomes and the more the expression of the material changes.

They come in both Regular Size and Passport Size that help expand the storage capacity and functionality of your TRAVELER’S notebook with a zippered pouch and pocket sleeves. The Regular Size Zipper Case has various pockets for carrying business cards or ephemera during your trip. The Passport Size Zipper Case can be used as a sub wallet for coin purses and folded bills, and for storing important items such as keys and credit cards.

The Paper Cloth Zipper Case is one of the most popular standard items at the TRAVELER’S FACTORY and comes in four fun colors: blue, olive, mustard, and sky blue. Enjoy pairing and coordinating the colors with your TRAVELER’S notebook for interesting combinations!


TF Original Color Refills

Enhance your creativity with vibrant notebook refills bound with colorful Kraft paper and black paper. It’s interesting how your inspiration might arise when you are using a completely different medium or colored paper. With the unique hues of pink, turquoise, yellow, and black paper, you can write or record daily events with a completely different perspective. You can also assign the colors to themes or topics in your TRAVELER’S notebook system, so you can always refer to them easily.

The Regular Size Color Refills come in four colors: Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, and Black. Passport Size Color Refills are available in Pink, Turquoise, and Yellow. They create exciting contrast and accents to your day-to-day pages. Feel free to change the color of the paper depending on the usage and purpose such as travel, work, diary, and anything you can think of.



As you may know, TRAVELER’S notebook originated in 2006 in Japan, and the first location to experience the full TRAVELER’S COMPANY experience is at our TRAVELER’S FACTORY in Nakameguro in Tokyo. However, today you can see TRAVELER’S notebooks around the world as users spread the enthusiasm and love in their cities. How fun is it to be able to step into a local store in your town and found that you can choose from an array of original TRAVELER’S COMPANY goods? It’s even more exciting when you learn that the owners themselves are TRAVELER’S notebook users and have had interesting stories in their journey of discovering the brand.

In the past year, we had slowly introduced TRAVELER’S FACTORY limited items outside of Japan at these Partner Shops. We invite you to visit them so you can pick up each item and enjoy the details and design in person. In consideration of travel restrictions, for those who may not be able to do so, starting on September 1st, 2021, these items will now be available on each TRC Partner Shops’ online website, along with the newly introduced TF Short Trip Refills.

In the upcoming blog posts, we would like to introduce our special Partner Shops in North America region, starting with the United States. In the United States, there is currently four TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner. In downtown Portland, Oregon, you’ll find Oblation Papers & Press nestled in the charming Pearl District. In the Old City district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you won’t miss the vibrant storefront of Omoi Zakka Shop. In Brooklyn, New York, you must check out Yoseka Stationery in the homey neighborhood of Green Point. Venture down to Tampa, Florida, and you’ll experience the inviting vibes of The Paper Seahorse. These shops specialize in gifts and stationery and had been creating amazing experiences with customers in their cities.

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you special interviews with each shop and their personal TRAVELER’S notebook journey and the experience that you can expect at their stores. This month, each US Partner Shops utilized the B-Sides & Rarities Accordion Refills to share with us snippets of their neighborhood.

We invite you to take a trip with us and learn about their charms and appeal. As you embark on these short trips within the country, why not utilize the TF Original Short Trip Refills?


Have a nice trip!

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