BRASS PRODUCTS New 2020 Lineup

A new Rollerball Pen is added to the BRASS PRODUCTS writing instrument options.

Launched in 2010, BRASS PRODUCTS stationery options shine the spotlight on the fascinating evolution that take place during the texture of brass over time. These are products you’ll use again and again, becoming fonder of them with each use.

It all started with a ballpoint pen and pencil, with a fountain pen added in 2017. Our BRASS PRODUCTS writing instruments have a simple design that complements the texture of the brass material and are compact and comfortable enough to take with you everywhere. These products are all made by highly experienced craftsmen at our factory in Japan. 

BRASS PRODUCTS Rollerball Pen was inspired by the desire for a pen that would write as beautifully as a fountain pen while being very easy to use. Something that sets this pen apart from other rollerball pens is the way fountain pen cartridges can be used—for example, you could combine the distinctive blue-black color of fountain pen ink with the smooth feel and clear, tasteful lines of a rollerball. 

The body is made by the same seasoned craftsmen at our Japanese factory who produce the brass fountain pen. With years of experience in production of writing instruments under their belts, our craftsmen take the utmost care with each element, from the click when retracting the nib to the feel of the pen in your hand, to achieve the functionality and comfort that are essential for stationery that will be used every day. 

The easy fountain pen effect of this pen makes it ideal for a wide range of situations—carry it together with your TRAVELER’S notebook every day, jot down notes or write letters to the special people in your life. 

Brass Ballpoint Pen, Pencil and Fountain Pen have also been slightly redesigned, with new packaging and a new clip that has the distinctive texture of iron. At first glance, these products look just the same as before, but this subtle change will evoke and inspire travelers, making these products faithful companions for a long time.



A rollerball pen compatible with European fountain pen cartridges. The ball in the nib rotates smoothly so that the pen glides across the paper. This pen achieves the beauty of a fountain pen while being easy to use and convenient enough to take everywhere. 



Brass Fountain Pen is made in Japan by experienced craftsmen. Robust and easy to use, this stationery is designed to become a faithful companion in the journey of your life. The pen uses international standard cartridges, available in black and blue-black. 



A brass ballpoint pen with an integrated brass holder, made in our press factory in the “Shitamachi” (Downtown) industrial area of Tokyo. In addition to the redesign of the holder, the metal parts at the tip of the pen are now made from pure brass, so that you can enjoy the same fascinating change in texture that you see in the body. 



A pencil that is suitable to carry around during one’s travels. This portable pencil requires an additional step when using it, and this makes the act of writing a little bit fun. When not in use, the shape of the pencil should make you want to fiddle with it. This pencil is made in a local factory that is located in a historical district in Japan. 


Have a nice trip! 

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