Be wary of unofficial sites impersonating TRC USA

Dear Customer,

Currently, a website unrelated to our company has been confirmed to be impersonating the TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA official site. Please note that this site is not operated by Designphil nor has anything to do with TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA.


The impersonating site URL is: “



If you click on the URL described above, it is possible that the recipient’s information and personal information will be acquired by the sender and misused. We have also received reports of customers being scammed by this website. This site claims to ship internationally from China. Please note that TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA Official site currently only ships to US and Canada regions. We also do not receive PayPal payments as a form of purchase.

Also, there is a possibility that there are other similar fake websites, so please be sure to check that you are purchasing TRAVELER’S COMPANY items from legitimate sites, TRC Partner Shops, Official retailers listed here, and

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at


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