Ace Hotel × TRC to commemorate the opening of the Ace Hotel Kyoto

To celebrate the opening of Ace Hotel Kyoto in June 2020, TRAVELER’S COMPANY has teamed up with Ace Hotel to release exclusive collaborative products 

Over time, the Ace Hotel chain has earned a place in the hearts of travelers from around the world. Catering especially to creative types, their spaces capture the blend of history and culture that each city has to offer. Ace Hotel staff members always take the extra steps needed to ensure its guests enjoy an experience that is unique and mixes the perfect blend of cultural statements and familiarity.

TRAVELER’S COMPANY and Ace Hotel have cherished our friendship ever since we first collaborated in 2015. We have released products such as special editions of TRAVELER’S notebook stamped with the Ace Hotel logo and held caravan events at Ace Hotel in New York, downtown Los Angeles, and London.  

In April 2018, Ace Hotel brought an exciting opportunity to open TRAVELER’S FACTORY in their to-be-developed Ace Hotel Kyoto in Shin Puh Kan. Kyoto has always been a special place for us, which made it an easy decision when Ace Hotel approached us with an offer to open the TRAVELER’S FACTORY store inside their branch. Almost as if it was fate, we agreed and started the exciting new journey together. On June 11, 2020, Ace Hotel Kyoto and TRAVELER’S COMPANY Kyoto opened its doors in Shin Puh Kan. We are really looking forward to the synergy that this place can create.

Our new range of products is a collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY and the new Ace Hotel Kyoto. These products commemorate our fruitful friendship that we have cultivated over many years. We hope that one day, when the world is more opened up, you would carry these collaboration items with you and embark on a journey to Japan 

TRAVELER’S notebook Camel is stamped with the Kyoto version of Ace Hotel’s logo. Designed by prominent Japanese dye artist Samiro Yunoki, the handwritten characters of the logo exude warmth. Textiles by Yunoki can be found in every guest room of Ace Hotel Kyoto, which is very consistent “east meets west” concept. 

The cover of the refill is printed with Ace Hotel Kyoto’s original design based on a traditional Japanese checkered pattern. MD PAPER Cream is used to make the pages very comfortable for writing and is also used for the letter paper and notepads in the guest rooms of Ace Hotel Kyoto. These products are produced at Designphil’s Nagareyama factory. 

Other products include a Brass Pencil with a matte black body printed with the Ace Hotel Kyoto logo. Lastly, this collection includes stickers featuring artwork from Ace Hotels in the USA and other locations—and, of course, Kyoto motifs. 

These collaborative products can be found at all of our TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores as well as at Ace Hotel Kyoto in Japan. They are also available in the USA at ACE HOTEL SHOP and TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA web stores.


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